One of BCMF’s biggest challenges is finding the funding to get the patients from the Mae Tao Clinic to Chiang Mai for treatment. Everyone is keen to sponsor an individual child or willing to fund life-saving treatment and surgery. However, these patients need to get to Chiang Mai first before they can even receive the life-saving treatment they need. Sponsoring a trip is a vital way you can make a direct contribution to help save the lives of not just one patient but many!

Team up with your family, work colleagues, friends, local sports club members, school mates and sponsor a trip to Chiang Mai today. You can sponsor a one-off trip or make it an annual, quarterly or monthly event.

How to Sponsor a Trip:

1. Please visit the BCMF ‘How to donate’ page 

2. Please deposit 7,000 Thai Baht into the Burma Children Medical Fund account directly through your bank

  • Alternatively, if you are donating from Australia (AU$250) and require a tax-deductible receipt, please click here
  • If you are donating from the US (US$250) and require a tax-deductible receipt, please click here
  • If you are donating from the UK (£150) and require a tax-deductible receipt, please click here

Please email Katie on with your name, contact details, and the date that you wish to sponsor. Please let us know how you would like to be acknowledged on our Sponsor a Van page (i.e. your first name only; your full name; a friend’s name; your organisation/business name; or ‘Annonymous’).

Here is a list of our upcoming trips to Chiang Mai.

Which one will you sponsor?

January Mon 4.01.2010 Rose Bay Secondary College
  Thu 14.01.2010 Rose Bay Secondary College
  Wed 20.01.2010 Sponsor now!
  Wed 27.01.2010 Chris M.
February Thu 4.02.2010 Sponsor now!
  Thu 11.02.2010 Sponsor now!
  Thu 18.02.2010 Sian Powell/Tim Johnson
  Tue 23.02.2010 Sponsor now!
March Thu 18.03.2010 Theo (Aust.)
  Wed 24.03.2010 Jimmy N.
April Thu 1.04.2010 Aela Callan
  Wed 07.04.2010 Derek, Irislee & Friends
  Tue 20.04.2010 Iris (Taiwan)
  Thu 29.04.2010 John Manning & Friends
May Thu 06.05.2010 Karen, Frank and Jodie
  Tue 18.05.2010 Nathanael
  Wed 26.05.2010 Casey Martel
June Thu 03.06.2010 Nathanael
  Thu 10.06.2010 Dylan Jones
  Mon 17.06.10 Winnie McKee & Friends
  Wed 21.06.10 Casey Martel
July Thu 1.7.10 C. Watson
  Wed 7.7.10 Dave M.
  Wed 14.7.10 Phil T.
  Tue 20.7.10 C. Watson
  Thu 29.7.10 Casey Martel
August Wed 04.08.10 ALTSEAN Staff (BKK)
  Tue 10.08.10 Patrick, Rose & Finula
  Wed 18.08.10 Oliver
  Wed 26.08.10 Mahadevi & friends (Aust.)
September Thu 02.09.10 Paula & Damien (Singapore)
  Wed 08.09.10 Nick Russell
  Thu 16.09.10 Gill (UK)
  Thu 23.09.10 Karen, Frank, Jodie
  Thu 30.09.10 Casey Martel
 October Fri 08.10.10 Sponsor now!
  Thu 14.10.10 Sponsor now!
  Thu 21.10.10 Casey Martel